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Looking for the cure to the monotony that has taken over your life? Wanting to find a way to be inspired and remember what it is to be human again? Trying to find a way to connect with other humans? We have the answer for you... ART!

Be Seen

‘Be Seen’ is a sacred vessel for participants to explore the reaches of their innermost expressions.
‘Be Seen’ is a sacred vessel for participants to explore the reaches of their innermost expressions. A safe container for performers and dancers to shine as bright as they want to shine. An intimate and vulnerable experience for anyone wanting to be truly seen.

Ro is an artist based on Vancouver Island. He loves knowing people and is endlessly curious about the infinite ways of knowing. And strongly believes that a good beat and dance unites us all.

Creatures of the Night

Woven from the bones of maples and walnut and cedar. Held together, precisely by nothing but gravity
Woven from the bones of maples and walnut and cedar. Held together, precisely by nothing but gravity. We are the Creatures of the Night.

Paisley is known for his intricate and detailed hand cut woodworking, weavings that incorporate unique shapes and textures using the bones of trees. Each piece is a testament of skill and creativity, with no two pieces alike. Whether working on a large-scale installation or a small, delicate piece, Paisley is dedicated to creating work that is both beautiful and thought-provoking


Laurena and Marna’s jellyfish installation consists of unwanted materials that are upcycled to be given a new life through art. Each jellyfish is uniquely its own, and together they form a bigger and more beautiful whole, just like us as humans.

Laurena Evalina and Marna Rogoschewsky are both west coast artists who draw their inspiration from the natural world. Working with found objects, elements from nature, and recycled materials are all central parts of their sculpture practices. They have both spent the past few years bringing their art and creative touches to various events and festivals on Vancouver Island. Marna is the founder of Zen Den Collection, and Laurena is a fresh graduate of North Island College’s Fine Art Program.


We love lamp.
The lamps are a decentralized art project that visually highlights the hidden beauty of regular household lamps by turning them into vivid and surreal still art.

Illuminating the bases of these lamps we place them in interesting and often strange places so that we might watch as they draw people to them, like moths to a flame. This spark of curiosity is transformed into silly conversations, playful banter, beautiful moments, and sometimes life changing connections between the humans they drew near.

While the lamps may appear static, observe them close enough and you will find there may be more going on than it seems…

The Lamp art project is an evolving project involving a community of artists, engineers, and silly people. You probably know some of us!

Love & Light Laser Beans Coffee Lounge

Based in Victoria, BC, a collection of artists, DJs, creatives, and craftspeople. We like to dance.
Come find Love & Light at the Laser Beans coffee lounge! We'll be serving locally roasted Discovery coffee all weekend long - Come recharge, rest your feet, enjoy the light show, and check out our fine laser-cut creations and jewelry!

We are a Victoria based production company focused on creating immersive experiences with jaw dropping stagework, laser-cut art, dynamic light shows, and talented local DJs. We are so grateful and excited to be a part of Lamplight and to contribute to this community event!

If you like what you see - please reach out for potential collaborations!

Luminous Forest

An enchanted bio-luminescent grove where the trees gently glow, evoking a childlike sense of joy an
Experience the magic of the Luminous Forest. Walk within an enchanted bio-luminescent grove where the trees gently glow, evoking a childlike sense of joy and wonder in those who explore it.

A unique interactive experience, once immersed you’ll begin to feel the tranquility of the forest and notice the gentle twinkling of lights as the trees move in the wind, becoming ever more tuned into the natural world and the organic rhythm of life.

It is a moment of pause, of wonder, and play within a mystical luminous environment.


Joshua Schmidt, a local artist from Victoria, BC, who specializes in laser art.

NightShade Light Play

NightShade LightPlay is an interactive shadow and light art station
NightShade LightPlay is an interactive shadow and light art station that consists of an overhead projector, a screen, and an assortment of shadow puppets, shadow masks, crystal dishware, colourful transparencies cut in fun shapes and other textural objects to play with. The projections can be viewed from either side of the screen. Come at night to delight in light!

Sarah Tonin is a self-taught visual artist and community arts educator from Winnipeg, MB, currently based in Victoria, BC.

Skilled in illustration, graphic design, screen printing, shadow puppetry, sculptural bicycle art and interactive festival installations, Sarah loves exploring new mediums and creating connections through collaborative projects.

She is known for her playful, biology-inspired art that draws people in through vibrant colours and dream-like imagery, encouraging a child-like sense of curiosity and wonder.

You can see more of her work at:

IG: @sarahtonin___

Paint with Light

An interactive art installation where participants create ephemeral drawings, and silhouettes by
Paint with Light is an interactive art installation where participants create ephemeral drawings, and silhouettes by shining light onto phosphorescent canvas. layers build on top of one another as the newest layer will always be brightest. For Lamplight Festival this installation will include an array of hexagonal canvas panels treated with different coloured glowing mediums. Violet pen lights will be on hand for participants to draw, paint, trace stencils and cast shadows. The darker the space and the brighter the light, the more vibrant each image will be.
To demonstrate and enjoy the installation himself, Owen Parnell will often be nearby. Sometimes doing some live acrylic painting of his own, and other times painting with pen lights and lasers.

About Owen:

Owen Parnell is a Visual Artist and Acupuncturist based out of Victoria, BC. His creative process is one which follows intuition and impulse. Much of this work echoes landscape and nature, emphasizing the fractaline qualities of flora and fauna. Balancing control and lack of control to create a visually interesting conversation between the two. Owen relies on automatism and felt-sense, intent on observing the patterns that come forth, altering those patterns, and seeing how the difference is integrated into the whole.
Owen's painting often contains flowing transitions between abstract geometric forms and representations of the microcosm, the macrocosm, and the in-between. Owen often describes his paintings as Semi-Abstract, as they are meant to be seen somewhere in between representation of form, and simply paint on a canvas.

Owen finds inspiration from sacred art traditions, and art that serves a cultural and spiritual purpose as well as being considered on a visual and conceptual level. Right now he seeks to integrate art back into his busy life as a father and acupuncturist, and find ways to see that his art serves a purpose beyond his own enjoyment of making it. - @owenparnellart on instagram

Reflecting Portal

reflecting portal, an interactive art installation designed for one person at a time to experience.
Andream is inspired by artists who use space, like James Turrell and Christo + Jeanne-Claude, who think three-dimensionally. She wanted to create a physical structure for people to climb into, to transport to another time and place, simultaneously exploring being present and connected to herself during the act of making.

In China, Wu Tao-tzu painted “a glorious landscape, with mountains, forests, clouds,
birds, men, all things / as if in nature.” Then he “opened a door in a mountain’s side and
disappeared into his painting. / Then the painting, too, faded away” (Weishaus, 2). 

reflecting portal and flag are the products of a slow (months long) natural dye process. It started as textile waste, mordanted with gallnut, then alum, naturally dyed with marigold, screen-printed with natural home-made tannin “inks”, re-dipped in marigold dye pots to activate the screen-print, then sewn. reflecting portal is designed to be experienced with the sun lighting the interior pattern. The repeat pattern is a photo montage of images taken by Andream on nature walks in the otherworld that is Juan de Fuca Provincial Park on Pacheedaht Territory.

The intention of reflecting portal is to awaken a piece of childhood, a calming connection to nature, in the simplicity of intimate solo space.

Citation: Weishaus, Joel. “Being Earth: The Culture of Nature in a Post- Holocene World.” Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge, no. 38, Jan. 2022, pp. 75–100. doi:10.20415/rhiz/038.e05.

BIO: Andream

After working in health care as an occupational therapist (OT) for over a decade, Andream began a journey of slowing down and began a therapeutic process of creating art for herself. She is now an art student majoring in photography at ECU. Her work centers around connection to feelings and nature, using photography within mixed media installations. She prioritizes enviro-positivity by using materials from the community that would otherwise be destined for the landfill, in the case of the portal and flag: stained sheets and worn out silk clothes, and using lighting by the sun.
Check out for more art and writings.

UV Lounge

Nadia Belfrage has been putting the F in Art since she was thrust into her father's business in 2009
Your Living color Room - UV Reactive Living room.

Nadia Belfrage has been putting the F in Art since she was thrust into her father's business - Lots of Laughs entertainment and decor- since then, 2009, she accidentally gained an associate of arts degree, an award for inspiration via the Comox Valley HBBA, gained skills in many a makers trade and continued her father's traditions- Sharing a Smile and Making Light of Life. Doing decor for many island events, corporate, community and private, along with costume and prop design and creation, has gained her the recognition and title of Artistic Innovator and Creative Consultant.As her mind wanders consistently to what if I...? And how does this do that? And so many more questions.... Her creations are her answers. Apart from fluorescent paint, lights and fasteners, she creates by recreating materials that would otherwise land in the dump. If ya wanna see her Damn the Man and CREATE her Empire, by being driven by emotion and bound by logic, stalk her online via
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We will be gathering at Laketown Ranch which is located in Lake Cowichan, BC and nearest to the Ts’uubaa-asatx Nation. We give thanks to the stewards that have come before and the rich history of the Cowichan Valley and humbly acknowledge that this event takes place on the traditional territory of the Quw’utsun, Malahat, Ts’uubaa-asatx, Stz’uminus, Halalt, Penelakut, Lyackson, Pauquachin, Ditidaht and Pacheedaht Peoples.

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