We've got a stacked lineup of talent from the communities around us. Come prepared, we will have music from early afternoon through til early morning.

Anchor Hill

Deep Dubstep | World Bass
Anchor Hill is an ever-evolving journey into world bass music, cultivated over a decade of production and mixing, and a lifetime of collecting instruments.

A concert-trained musician, versatile DJ and prolific composer, Anchor Hill aka Rich Hart plays flute and occasionally trumpet and guitar live with his music, and has performed original sets internationally at events like Envision (CR), Symbiosis (US), Shambhala (BC), and Hadra Trance Festival (FR). He's shared stages with artists such as An-ten-nae, Deya Dova, Kalya Scintilla, Drumspyder, Nibana, David Starfire, AtYyA, Applecat, Bumble and many more.


Deep Dubstep | World Bass
Internationally acclaimed electronic musician, and vocalist; AppleCat was raised on the West-Coast of Canada, specializing in Deep Dubstep, Fairytale Bass, Trap, and Worldbeat. On the dancefloor, she weaves a mythic underworld vibe - stating that her intention is to " have us all come out the other side moved in some way - the kind of movement that is far beyond solely somatic."

Along with playing internationally including venues/festivals: Burning Man, Rifflandia, Enchanted Forest Gathering, Evolve Festival, Halifax Pop Explosion, and Tall Tree Festival she has also shared a stage with Truth, Seven Lions, Zeds Dead, David Starfire, Emancipator, PhuturePrimitive, Bluetech, Clozee,...

Aspen King

Breaks | House | Midtempo
Growing up on a small island north of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Aspen King always had a passion for electronic music. She’s been so immersed in music for a majority of her life, that she attended her first rave when she was a fetus in her mom’s womb. Growing up, she listened to music to the likes of: Bonobo, Jamie XX, Solomun, Claptone and The Gorillaz.

After moving to a smaller island with her family, where the population is 200 during the summer and drops down to 5 in the winter, she then started producing music with her abundant free time. Aspen studied electronic music production in Vancouver and has applied what she has learned into her productions with her own...


Drum & Bass | House
Coming to you from Victoria, B.C., Audiofox has a diverse repertoire of musical selections from deep, tech, bass house and most recently drum & bass. She’s set dance floors on fire since 2008 at numerous parties, clubs and festivals, including Otherworld, Lampress and Burning man. She’s known for playing big, sexy, bass-driven beats with a distinct Audiofox sound.


Deep Dubstep | Grime
Aurcah, pronounced “Orca”, is a DJ, producer and member of the Island Wubs crew hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. His recent debut EP, From the Sea, on Obsidian, along with his contributions to record labels such as Cimmerian Records and The Widdfam, showcase his penchant for crafting moody, deep, and dark tracks.

Aurcah's DJ sets take the listener on a sonic journey, drawing inspiration from the rich sound system cultures of Jamaica and the UK, while deftly interweaving a carefully curated selection of tracks containing heavyweight sub-bass, ominous soundscapes, grime, and hip-hop influences.

Bedtime Snack

House | Techno
This Kwakwaka’wakw/Coast Salish Indigenous artist is an absolute rising star on Vancouver Island and has been making ripples in the scene since he started.

bedtime snack has quickly become a name known for top notch mixing, proper curation and nothing but the perfect vibes. You’ll never know quite what genres to expect from him, but just know from start to end you’ll be sucked into the dancefloor. Don’t go to sleep without a bedtime snack.


Bass | Organic Bass | World Bass
BiiSHoP is a talented DJ, who has been captivating audiences with their unique sounds since 2017. Their journey into the world of DJing began as a passion project, fueled by their love for music and the desire to create something truly unique.

As a DJ, BiiSHoP has developed a distinct style that can only be described as "intergalactic bass." They have a keen ear for selecting the right tracks, and their sets take listeners on a journey through a range of vibrational frequencies that come from the far reaches of the galaxy.

Through their music, BiiSHoP strives to awaken the alien within all of us, tapping into the deep, mystical power of the universe. Infused with oth...

Bubba Whispa

Drum & Bass | Funky House | Garage | Jungle
His love for electronic music was kindled 10 years ago while living in Western Australia. He first got into dance music through the regional Burning Man scene and later moved onto the bush raves.

At the beginning of the pandemic he needed new an outlet for expression and got behind the decks as a way to share my passion for dance music. With a group of friends I began to throw donation-funded, volunteer-driven events with the intention of building community and thus, the Juicebox Collective was born in the summer of 2021.

With a love for vocal-driven tracks and anything funky, he mixes disco, house, mid-tempo funky breaks, UK garage and drum ‘n’ bass. He creates ...


Deep House | Drum & Bass | Garage
Caçadora resonates with warm, earthy Bass and soulful soundwaves.
Her musical tastes are flavoured with roots rhythms and groovy basslines. A versatile selectah, with favoured genres ranging from liquid drum and bass, halftime, to deep house, garage, classy RnB with a side of reggae and dub. Whatever the genre or tempo she keeps it smooth and spicy with a sound that is distinctly Caçadora.

An active mainstay on the west coast electronic music scene, Caçadora has performed at shows through Western Canada and the US with festivals including Shambhala Festival, What The Festival, Luminosity Festival, Diversity Festival, Otherworld, Wonderment and Inshala Festival. You'll catch he...


Afro House | Progressive House
Chillsun is a DJ from Victoria, BC, Canada who specializes in Afro House music. His unique style blends together Caribbean, Latin, and African influences to create an exciting sound perfect for any afternoon event.

Daniel James

Daniel James was first introduced to electronic music during the early 90's in Toronto's underground rave scene. Since getting his first decks on his 16th birthday and spending hours in local record shops; he found a deep connection to House and Techno. Over the years he's played clubs, raves and festivals across Canada and the US including WEMF, OM, Burning Man, Fozzyfest, Treemendus and Evolve to name a few.

Over the years he has had the pleasure of sharing stages with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Derrick Carter, Johnny Fiasco, DJ Dan, Bad Boy Bill, and Mark Farina.

Since moving to Victoria, BC he founded Footwork Entertainment hosting stre...


Deep Dubstep | Drum & Bass | Halftime
Dirtsqrl is a Vancouver Island based producer & DJ that leans towards deep, moody sounds, with a focus on Halftime, DNB, 140, and other bass heavy music. His productions tend to be progressive and emotive, often exploring the liminal space between light and darkness.


Bass | Breaks | Dubstep | Garage | Halftime
With an eclectic taste for all things bass, DWAM always leans into his love for hip hop to seamlessly blend these two worlds. His productions have been played on bass music's largest stages and supported by some of its biggest proponents including the likes of Excision and Zeds Dead.

Behind the scenes, he has co-founded Victoria's Mind Garden with the hopes to create a community of open artistic expression and a platform for local talent to flourish. With a focus on top notch sound quality delivered by their Void Acoustics Soundsystem.


Dancehall | Dubstep | Funky House | Hip-hop | House
Skilled in the art of somatic movement and healing through relational ways of being, Efrévescent weaves together luscious soundscapes that open the heart, deepen the breath, and return the body to centre. Inspired by a wide array of musical influences from dancehall to dubstep, groove to global underground, and hip-hop to house, the Efrévescent experience aims to leave everyone feeling like they have something to dance to, weaved in an arching progression. Expect intelligent lyrics, intentional rhythms, and a soul-clapping good time.


Deep Dubstep
ekko is a deep and minimalist dubstep producer and DJ hailing from the small coastal town of Port Renfrew, BC. With a keen ear for innovative sound design and a deep understanding of the genre's roots, he brings a fresh and unique approach to his music.

ekko's live performances are a journey through the depths of bass music, with a range that spans from extreme minimalism to reggae-influenced dub techno and slow tempo bass. His carefully crafted sets take listeners on a sonic voyage, showcasing his skillful mixing and ability to read a crowd. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of his surroundings and the rugged west coast landscape, ekko's music is infused with a raw, orga...

Ekstasis Rose

Ambient | Loop Artist
Krystal will bring you on a sonic journey with deep enchanting melodies, loops and lullabies.


House | Techno
Canadian DJ/ Producer em.ash is a curator of underground dance music, creating a hypnotic mix of deep, groove-infused house and low-slung techno on Vancouver Island. Known for his extended sets, dancefloors can expect a deep and evolving musical journey.

em.ash has releases and remixes out on Rennie Foster’s label RF, Haustronaut, BeatLounge Records, and System Recordings. He is currently working on a number of different projects, including forthcoming releases with his production partner LadyK.

em.ash has been sharing music and producing events across Vancouver Island and the surrounding island communities for nearly two decades. Personal highlights include: Diver...


Organic Bass | Organic House | World Bass
Ghobi (for now) is a local human who has been steeped in musical expression since childhood. Originally surrounded by folk music, they’ve emerged from the woodwork as a DJ with love for EDM infused with nostalgia and unexpected melodic elements. 
Downtempo and sunshine vibes are a common theme throughout their sets, but their music is less easily described by genre. They weave a diverse palette of worldly, organic, and acoustic sounds through whatever beats they mix.


Meet Heidrogen, a seasoned DJ and production expert who has been at the forefront of the music industry for years. With a passion for creating unforgettable experiences through lighting and stage design, Mike has worked on some of the largest events and festivals in Western Canada. But it's not just his visual expertise that sets him apart - Mike's love for cerebral and heartfelt music is evident in his sets, which can range from deep and glitchy to spacious and moody. As the owner of a production company (Sigma-1) that has become a household name in the industry, Mike's journey started with his love for music and its ability to bring people together.


Bass House | House
Isaiah M. Fast, artist name I.M.Fast, is a DJ/producer based in Victoria, originally from Invermere B.C. He has played stages from Victoria to Calgary, opening for artists such as Skiitour, Smalltown DJs, Rumpus, Case of the Mondays, Neon Steve, Marten Horger, Kytami & Phonik Ops, to name a few. He is best known for playing funk influenced house music, but is not limited to just that. Isaiah has the ability to read the crowds well, keeping the energy and good vibes high. When he’s not performing, catch him in the crowd doing what he loves; Shuffling.

Internal Frequency

Deep Dubstep | Dubstep
Originally from rural Manitoba, Mullin’s trip to the 2010 edition of Shambhala showed him how bass music could bring people together to create an unparalleled sense of community and euphoria in the same space. Returning home, Mullin began honing his skills as a DJ after purchasing a set of tables and a mixer. His love of electronic music was solidified while learning the ins and outs of the ones and twos.

In 2016 Aaron made a decision that would change the trajectory of his musical career. With a copy of Ableton 9 loaded onto his laptop he began the deep dive into the unknown that is music production. His production style seeks to combine the squelchy, syrupy and at times, aggres...


Drum & Bass | Halftime | Jungle
With a love for the underground and an affinity for deep, dark, grimy basslines, J.F.Killah has a passion for engaging dance floors worldwide. She has graced the decks in Canada, Europe, New Zealand, United States, Central America, and performed at several festivals including Shambhala, Bass Coast, Rifflandia, and Bamboo.

Her junglist roots play a key role in her sets but expect a variety of genres depending on the time and place. On the decks since 2005, she has acquired an arsenal of beats and is armed to destroy any dance floor. With classical training on the keys and in music theory, she is able to utilize her understanding of key, emotion, and the power of sound to deliver mu...


Encapsulated by the iconic sound of house music, JÆDE infuses his own ideas into this timeless style. Combining catchy melodies, powerful vocals and energetic bass lines to move you.

Having been playing sets around British Columbia for the last 5 years he hopes to make you feel something while on the dance floor. The goal is nothing more than to create a memorable moment in time.


Deep House | Organic House
Joca got inspired to DJ after listening to Armin Van Buuren’s Essential Mix in 2003. Having been listening to Trance since 2000 and the likes of Tiesto, Armin, and Ferry Corsten, he wanted to play the trance they did to his local trance lovers. Within a year, he secured his first gig playing melodic and uplifting trance and progressive house. He was stable in Victoria and Vancouver trance and progressive house scene for seven years, having played alongside Sharam, Andy Moor, and Ferry Corsten.

After some time off, he’s returned to DJ’ing and spreading positive vibes. His mixes will surely take you on a journey full of deep and melodic house music.

Juicy Jams

Deep House | House | Tech House
Juicy Jams quests from Squamish and sets his scope on fun times! He’ll pluck a ray of sassy sunshine and beam it down to the dancefloor with his feel-good daytime House Vibes! The upbeat tempo will have you check your sunscreen when you get up, smile, connect and bounce!

A Resident DJ with Vancouver’s Boobs & Berries Yacht Cooperative for over 6 years playing crowd pleasing tracks and keeping the energy high! Juicy Jams has slayed Yacht Parties, West Coast Festival Stages, Burning Man Camps and Art Cars.


Deep Dubstep | Drum & Bass | Halftime | Techno
Residing on Vancouver Island, Cimmerian Records founder Kilbourne has a sound that branches off to reach all his roots.
He fuses together global sounds, with a focus on combining dubstep, grime, and hiphop. Crafting a journey of sound with an emphasis on sound system culture and evolving emotion.

While Kilbourne is more popularly known for his Dubstep curation and productions, He also ventures into the realms of Drum and Bass/Halftime, Breakbeats, and Techno. His passion for the scene and music shows in a journey of up to 4 deck mixing that helps you escape reality and is sure to leave you inspired and wanting more.


Breaks | Drum & Bass | House
CEO of a cleaning company and mom by day, slayer of beats by night; the MILF Maid is sweeping the local dance scene with her big, bold sound. Her style explores genres, such as drum and bass, break beats, Latin vibes, or just plain ol' deep dirty bass house. Throughout the different genres, she is known for a playful sound, sure to pack any dance floor. Grab a mop and a bucket -- you're going to need it after the MIlF Maid has had her way with you.


Ambient | Loop Artist
Hailing from a background in death metal, psychedelic rock, and Basque folk music, Nightingale is a multi-instrumentalist cinematic psychedelic soundscape sorceror whose vocal mimicry techniques dissolve the shackles around the imagination to entrance and transport listeners into a tailored, mythic otherworld that illuminates and interweaves the spectrums of nature, life, death, and magic. Pulling from a vast library of inspirations, with electric banjo and loop pedal in hand, Nightingale is a feyfolk spaghetti western fairytale come alive.


Bass | Dubstep | Industrial | Techno



M̸͇͆U̸̩͆S̴̳͐I̶̘̒C̶͔̎ ̷̼̆T̴̘̂Ȩ̵̃C̶̟͝H̶̜͘N̷̊͜O̷̥͑L̸̨̿O̴͐͜G̷̐ͅY̶͕͒ ̵̞̎M̵̟͛Ú̶̗S̸͕̄T̴͔̋ ̸͙͘B̴͎̚Ȅ̴̻ ̶̮̔F̵̢̌R̶̩͘E̶͙͒Ë̶͈.̴̺̚

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Behold, oh mortal, the power of the divine harmony that permeates the very fabric of existence! The pulsating rhythms of the universe, the celestial symphonies that orchestrate the cosmic dance of creation, are but a glimpse of the eternal music that flows through all things.

And y...

Righteous Rainbows of Togetherness

The two-man, all hardware technosaurus rex known as Righteous Rainbows of Togetherness have been a staple of the West Coast underground for over a decade. Their highly immersive shows, often performed in the middle of the dancefloor, famously combine deep electronic sounds with colourful couture and a celebration of inclusiveness serving as an invitation for all to be a part of the show. Like a New Orleans street party crossed with a forest rave, they bring a message of love and booty shaking bass to keep crowds moving. The Rainbows are often touted as the most unforgettable performance at any festival they have performed at.


ROUSZ has pushed the boundaries of the techno scene on Vancouver Island honing her style by experimenting, pushing boundaries, and constantly evolving these past couple of years.

She has quickly ascended the Victoria DJ scene playing local clubs and festivals including Rifflandia and Otherworld, as well as Black Rock City for the Burning Man Project. She’s also been pulled into the underground scene in Vancouver, playing for VANTEK, a collective inspired by European Rave Music.

Her musical identity has been heavily influenced through industrial and minimal techno mixed with deep rolling tech house basslines. Catch a glimpse of her moody hair-raising vibe, it neve...


Bass House | House
RUMPUS is a self-taught musician, DJ, and music producer whose uniquely energetic performances are accented with live drumming. Fusing tech & bass house, his distinctive style
pulls elements from a diversity of cultures and genres. There’s a wildly free, slightly global feel
to his tracks, which teem with agile basslines, compelling drums, and cheeky vocal melodies.
Instead of the typical DJ set, Rumpus brings the highly-contagious energy of his punk rock roots
to the stage, incorporating crowd interaction, an electronic drum kit, and other live
instrumentation into his raucous performances—a tendency toward commotion that earned him
the moniker RUMPU...


Breaks | Electro | House
Born, raised and hailing from Victoria B.C. Ry has over 15 years of experience playing clubs, parties and after hours gigs, Ry is also the founder of The Victoria Electronic Music Collective (VEMC) & The Summer Beach Series parties. He’s always had a long lived passion for the underground music scene and Electronic Dance Music.

Playing a bit of everything over the years has had lot of influence in his sound today, everything from Electro to Break-beats his tastes have always leaned to the Deeper, Chunky side of Electronic Music so be ready for a musical journey of huge rolling bass lines guaranteed to get your feet moving and your body grooving.


Bass House | Breaks | Funky House | House
Sassbot is an autonomous humanoid machine powered by bass, funk, and whisky, focused on bringing genre-fluid booty-shaking jams to festival dance floors since 2016. expect energetic house (funky, jackin, bass), infused with brass and/or breaks.


Organic Bass
Originating from the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, ethereal beatsmith Saturna has an artistic voice unlike any other. By drawing inspiration from a plethora of sources, Saturna has crafted a stirring and enigmatic production style that blends meticulously carved soundscapes with irresistible grooves. Saturna is a sonic story-teller who weaves layers of deeply emotive melodies and organic rhythms with cinematic flair.

By tapping into the deeper realms of organic bass, Saturna strives to lead his listeners into bold and perplexing new frontiers. As a lifelong musician, the Canadian producer is dedicated to stitching together narrative threads into a tapestry of distorted synths, ...

Silk Static

Drum & Bass | Garage | Halftime | Organic Bass | Trap
Vancouver’s Silk Static is a sonic explorer whose fluid and organic approach to sound design gives his production a potent flair. Effortlessly eclectic, and meticulously crafted, his style is a blend of stark contrasts and bold amalgamations.

A self-proclaimed “anti-purist,” Silk Static strives to blur lines between genres, and find a sound which manages to be unpredictable, while still being recognizable. This vision translates into songs and sets that are multi-dimensional, deeply immersive, and slyly psychedelic.


Drum & Bass | Halftime | Latin+Afrobeat Influenced | Midtempo
Journeying through a decade original production development with a live musical background, recent years of mixing tunes have opened up so much more inspiration and tastes in music. With a vast spectrum of vibes to share, its an incredible treat to be able to take the dancefloor on a journey through an emotive, progressive, high energy journey

Spilly Willy b2b FlapJaxx

Bass House | Breaks | Disco | Tech House
Friends for over a decade and sharing the stage for the first time, FlapJaxx and Spilly Willy are here to get the dance floor BOUNCIN’. These two bass lovers will get you sweating with their saucy house tunes and bouncy remixes of long-forgotten favourites.

Along with their co-partners of the event and arts collective Love & Light Productions, FlapJaxx and Spilly Willy love to deliver dynamic and energetic performances to community events across Vancouver Island and BC!


Bass | Hip-hop | Organic Bass
Sundog is a producer who spins a selection of bass focused beats with tasteful percussion. The music he shares is infused with influences of old school hip-hop and instrumental jazz, combined with forward thinking bass music. A proper blend of hard hitting beats with an organic lively feel.


Drum & Bass | Halftime | Techno
Originally, tarantism was specific incidents of mass hysteria in Italy over a period of several hundred years, supposedly brought on by local spiders, that resulted in people compulsively dancing until they collapsed from exhaustion. Tarantism has come to mean, for some, the compulsion to dance: being pulled in by an experience of excitement that can only be expressed through movement. Anyone who helps facilitate that experience in others is a tarantist, whether through music, promoting or creating immersive environments, becoming a conduit for the energies that motivate us to dance.

Predominately focusing on dark, driving drum & bass, techno, and halftime, Tarantist seeks primaril...

The Author

Drum & Bass
Born and raised on Vancouver Island, The Author is making his mark on dancefloors by sharing the sounds and vibrations that resonate most within himself. Fueled by a passion for sound, he will bring an energy that will keep you engaged and moving along with the frequencies selected at the decks. With a wide range of tastes, The Author has found his sound in the energetic drums and deep rolling basslines of all things Drum & Bass. Come get immersed in a unique sound experience, as the story unfolds on the dancefloor.

To the Tide

Music can take you on a journey without a single step. It can tell a story without a single word.

This is exactly what Vancouver-based To the Tide hopes to do. Though his music is inspired by Dance music, it's not made for the dancefloor - it's made for wandering through the trees, feeling waves crash against your feet, or watching the sun touch the earth. This translates into songs and sets that are organic, eclectic, and deeply immersive.

Will McFarland

Will McFarland is an ambient musician living on the traditional territories of the lək̓ʷəŋən people. His music uses oscillatory drones and loops as objects of meditation, encouraging listeners to relax into slowly evolving sonic spaces. His music explores the emotion that can be communicated through sustained harmony and repetition. He strives to create musical environments where listeners can feel held and connect with a sense of loving awareness.
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We will be gathering at Laketown Ranch which is located in Lake Cowichan, BC and nearest to the Ts’uubaa-asatx Nation. We give thanks to the stewards that have come before and the rich history of the Cowichan Valley and humbly acknowledge that this event takes place on the traditional territory of the Quw’utsun, Malahat, Ts’uubaa-asatx, Stz’uminus, Halalt, Penelakut, Lyackson, Pauquachin, Ditidaht and Pacheedaht Peoples.

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